Welcome to the Book Discussion Forum! *please read*

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Welcome to the Book Discussion Forum! *please read*

Post by arasam22 on Sat Apr 05, 2008 9:24 pm

Welcome to the Book Discussion forum! Obviously, this forum is for discussing the books and posting questions about them.

I just have one TWO rules for this forum, and that is stay on topic. PLEASE. You can joke around all you want on the off-topic forum, but this one is so we can get ready for the battle.

Also in the threads about each individual book, please just post questions. Sophia kindly made another thread for opinions about the books.

The format for posting a question is as follows:


In the book The Gospel According to Larry, (you don't need this part because each book will have its own thread for questions once we get the book list, but you can include it if you want to) what was the name of Josh Swenson's alter ego?



Page: 17

Point Value: 5

Okay... For those of you who are going to be posting a lot of questions.... here is something you can copy and past into each post... it's the format for the Q/A thing... Very Happy

Edit: Austin had a really good idea... adding a point value to each question. The possible point values are 5, 10, 15, and 20. If you're not quite sure, just make your best guess. it's not a big deal.



[b]Answer:[/b][color=white]answer here[/color]


[b]Point Value:[/b]

And now... I will be updating the first post to include characters. I will update this as I read the books, so if there is a book that I haven't read, or a character that I haven't seen or forgotten, just PM me and give me their name and a description so I can post that. Very Happy

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shoulda taken french. you n00bs. Very Happy

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Cumulation of Questions

Post by 133749 on Wed Oct 08, 2008 9:44 pm

I am making an Excel spreadsheet with all the questions in it for easy access.
Each row will contain the question, answer, book, and page.
I am also recommending that we add point values to questions in preparation for mock battles.

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